I’ve not had very much chance to get out with the camera of late, and this weekend wasn’t much better either! With the dull weather I decided to do some work in the garden, and as I was sowing some seeds all the Woodpigeons in the hedgerow scattered, and the small birds dived for cover. A Sparrowhawk twisted through the air after the birds and I smiled to myself – it’s always a treat to get a glimpse of a top predator. To my surprise, the next time I glanced up, she (I think?) was perched on the garage roof! I quietly grabbed the camera, and carefully went outside.


Then, to my delight, she flew straight towards me, swooping above my head as I stood by the back door. Tentatively I looked up around the gutter, and there she was perched on the roof! I thought she’d probably fly off when she noticed me, so I carefully framed up and took a couple of photos, but she didn’t care about me at all, barely glancing down. To her I was totally insignificant.


She surveyed her territory for a while, and then quietly dived from the roof and soared away over the village, a chorus of alarm calls following her.

Not bad for a dull and damp day!