About me

Wildlife has always been a real passion of mine and I spent much of my childhood out in the wilds of the arable Norfolk countryside around my home. When I received my first SLR camera as a teenager, a Nikon F501, my love of photography soon developed. I spent those early years experimenting with both black and white film and colour slide and soon turned my attention to the wildlife around my home.

For me, the wildlife always comes first – I am a nature lover first, and a photographer second. Sometimes this means missing a great shot, but I’d rather miss a shot than disturb the creature in front of me. My approach is to work with wildlife on its own terms, to gain the trust of the animal I’m working with, or to remain unseen. The reward is natural images and intimate moments with wildlife.

The majority of my photographs are taken locally to me, in South Norfolk, although I regularly travel to the North Norfolk coast and a few places in between, as well as other locations throughout the UK.

My aim in wildlife photography? To inspire people about the natural world, to show them something they might never have seen before and to get people involved with protecting our wildlife.