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  • February 1, 2017 10:07 pm

I realise I’ve really neglected my blog recently, instead I’ve just been adding recent photos to my Facebook page, but I’ve been missing writing, so it’s time for a quick update. Since my last blog in late Summer I continued photographing the bees, and had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful Common Carder bee, a species I had previously overlooked, but one that proved very photogenic. I hope to continue with the bee photography this year, once the weather gets warmer of course!

September - Common Carder Bee

In November I visited the fine city of Norwich to catch up with the wonderful Waxwings, a rather irregular Winter visitor from Scandinavia, always a real treat to see these punky birds with their stunning plumage and beautiful bell like trilling call. They are still around in a few places so watch out for them near any berry bushes you might find.

November - Waxwing

In December during a quick visit to the coast I found this lovely Grey seal, who was gently rolling down the sloping sand of the beach with each sleepy breath, rather comical but very peaceful to watch!

December - Grey Seal

Just lately I’ve been back on my local patch over at Redgrave and Lopham Fen, the Bearded Reedlings seem to have done very well this past year and there are lots around. After many years of trying I’ve finally started to get some nice images of them, so I’m really chuffed, it’s a real privilege to photograph these shy birds.



The Roe deer are still around, and I had a wonderful chance encounter with this handsome Roe buck, notice his antlers are now in velvet.


Thank you all for reading and for your continued support, I really appreciate it!


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Feelin so Bohemian like you…

  • December 9, 2012 8:01 pm

The tinkling bell like trill, the punk rocker hairstyle and attitude to match, it can only mean one thing – the Scandinavians are here!

The Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus) is native to Northern Europe and during the winter may migrate southwards if the berry crop – the Waxwing’s main winter food source, runs low. This year they have been seen right across the country, which is unusual, as normally they only make it as far as the north and east.

I’ve seen these birds in the past, but missed out on photographing them, so it was a much longed for treat to have an opportunity today.


These birds have a friendly and sociable disposition and are a bit of a favourite of mine. They are easily recognisable, similar to a Starling in size, with a lovely buff colouring, black eye mask, prominent crest, a yellow tipped tail and waxy red tips to the wings – hence the name.


Their love of berries means the best place to see these attractive birds is your local supermarket car park – yes you hear me correctly! Supermarkets often plant Rowan trees, Hawthorn and Cotoneaster bushes around their car parks and these approachable birds are drawn to these berry rich areas. They certainly aren’t afraid of people and with a bit of care you can get very close. These photos were taken in a very busy car park in the middle of Norwich! People who know me will know I’m rather a shy sort of person, but I was amazed by the friendliness of the good people of Norwich who were genuinely interested in the birds and I found myself in conversation with numerous lovely people, waxing lyrical about Waxwings.

The light was decidedly changeable, and when the sun disappeared I tried something a little more artistic.

I could have stayed all day with these delightful birds, but the shopping beckoned, so I had to tear myself away. Hopefully I’ll get to photograph them again sometime soon. So keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about, you might just spot a group of cheeky Scandinavians scrumping for berries down at the supermarket.


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