Tails from Scotland

Just back from a week away in Dumfries and Galloway, and I must say, what a stunning place to visit. The landscape is beautiful, with a view around every corner, the coastline rugged and filled with nature, and birds and wildlife abound.

Whilst I did attempt to have a relaxing time as I really did need a break, I couldn’t resist trying to get my camera in front of some wildlife. One species I was really hoping to see was the Red squirrel, our native squirrel whose decline is well documented. This little russet rodent is still hanging on in there, and I’m really hoping the ongoing conservation efforts can save them. They really are gorgeous and it was a delight to watch their antics.

We visited Threave Garden near Castle Douglas on a very wet day, but the weather didn’t put these cuties off, who were very active and a real challenge to photograph.

Most of my photos ended up like this…

Maybe you could call it artistic? Squirrel in motion perhaps?

But I did manage to grab a couple of sharp shots.

I waited for a long time for the light to improve, but sadly it didn’t. We were treated to great views of a couple of Great spotted woodpeckers too, very handsome woodland specialists, who cut me a few nice poses!

I really hope I can go back again some day. A week wasn’t really long enough to explore this wonderful area!


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