A stroll around Strumpshaw

Visited RSPB Strumpshaw Fen today. Had a wander along the meadow trail, and found this Pheasant sitting on a fence. Sometimes you don’t have to fill the frame…

Also in the meadow, some lovely Ragged Robin. Difficult to photograph, as it was a bit windy out there.

Then, on the way back, the star of the show – the Swallowtail Butterfly.

Britain’s largest, and one of our rarest butterflies. They are absolutely stunning to watch. I saw them last year, but didn’t manage to get any photos, so this year I really wanted to get some shots. I’m fairly pleased with this one, although it’s not pin sharp – dull light and a fast moving insect, doesn’t really work! So I’ll be back to try again! For more information on these beautiful creatures take a look HERE.

Finally, back at the car park, this Robin posed on a post for me. Still had the macro lens on, but I think the ‘in habitat’ shot looks more interesting than just a bird on a post!


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