Sedge Warbler

Out on the Fen again this morning, a lovely sunny start, but a little frosty too. Starting to get there with the Sedge Warbler’s I think. They seemed a little quiet, perhaps because of the Cuckoo calling close by.

Walking through the dew, with birds singing all around, I came across a Roe deer buck, in his regular spot. Today he allowed me to get closer, maybe he recognises me? He posed for a while and continued grazing. Another deer called from the wood, and he lifted his head and answered. They called to each other for a while, their gruff barking echoing out over the meadows.

Headed back to grab the macro lens and photographed some Water Crowfoot growing in a pool.

Along the track I noticed some young rabbits peeking out of their burrow, and wished I had the big lens with me. Decided to have a go with the macro lens anyway, it’s 180mm so I needed to get close to get any photos. After a decidedly un-elegant crawl across the ground, wriggling carefully along on my front, I looked up to find one little rabbit watching me in fascination.

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