British Wildlife Centre – Part III

We visited the large naturalistic Red Fox enclosure twice, the first time the light was quite harsh, but we went back in later in the evening when the light was just right. It was a joy to be up close to these fascinating animals. One in particular, a young female that had been hand reared, was a real character. Flo, as she was called came up and greeted everyone, before running excitedly back and forth not allowing anyone to grab any shots! The other Foxes were a little calmer though.

On our second visit to the Foxes, Flo was particularly cheeky and attempted a snatch and grab of my jacket zip, which unfortunately was still attached to me! After being told off by her keeper, Flo approached me again as I sat in the grass, placed her front paws on my leg and leaned up to sniff my face – nose to nose with a beautiful Fox – brilliant!! Her antics brought a smile to everyone’s faces, even the photographer who bought his camera bag in and left it unattended. When everyone’s backs were turned, there was Flo, on top of his bag chewing at the zips!

The evening light was much nicer, allowing me to get one of my favourite images of the day.

Still more to come, so check back soon!

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