Had a day off yesterday, so decided to head up to the coast. Saw my first ever Snow Buntings! Brilliant!

We saw the Snow Buntings as soon as we arrived, but they were quite flighty and disappeared for a while as there were a few dogs around. There were already some other photographers around, so I headed off to find a spot on my own. Not much around, and the weather was very dull, although I managed a shot of a Common Gull.

Drew then came over and told me he’d just been photographing the buntings! They’d just been put up by some walkers, but we headed back to the same spot and sat and waited…. But they didn’t come back, doh! I saw the local Turnstones were about, so targeted them instead.

As I was laying there photographing the Turnstones, I was suddenly aware that I was being watched. Quite intently in fact, by several birdwatchers. I carried on photographing the Turnstones, but then heard a twittering behind me. Suddenly the flock of Snow Buntings hopped right around me, amazing! Keeping as still as possible I tried for a few shots, but they were so close. It was fantastic to see them so close up, they are beautiful little birds. After a while they were disturbed by a dog, allowing me to retreat back to the car for some lunch.

After a quick bite we went back out and quickly found the Snow Buntings resting and preening on the shingle. We lay down and wriggled across the shingle, towards them. Eventually we were just about in range to get some shots of them.

And you know what, as I lay on the damp shingle I thought to myself: I’m filthy, I’m cold, my back aches and my knees are bruised, but I couldn’t be any happier!!!