Conservation Pony

Had a day off today, so was determined to go out somewhere, despite the dull conditions. Decided to visit Redgrave and Lopham Fen, which is probably my nearest nature reserve. Didn’t see too much, a couple of Muntjac deer, and some Reed Buntings.

The hardy Konik ponies are used to graze the fen, helping to restore the reserve. As we walked up the path past the ponies, the sun tried to break through, so I decided to try for some shots of the conservation ponies in action. However the ponies had other ideas! Technically they are ‘wild’ ponies, certainly they are not ponies for petting. As I crouched down to take some photos, one pony in particular decided that I was very interesting, and came over for a closer look, and proceeded to follow me around as I tried to move away, so I only got a few shots!

I’m hoping to spend more time photographing at the Fen, as it’s so close and has some great wildlife. It just requires some lengthy patient observation to find out when and where the wildlife appears…

Watch this space?!!


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