Practice Robin

Well the Robin is certainly giving me a lot of photography practice whilst waiting for the Turtle dove. The light was beautiful last night, I was set up ready and waiting, then came the purring Turtle dove song from the hedgerow… but of course he didn’t come down.

I was out later yesterday evening, the soft evening light is much more flattering for photography. Here’s a couple of Robin shots.

Then as the light faded, that moment just after the sun dips below the horizon, a Turtle dove flew by. I was about to leave, but the dove dropped down onto the lawn to feed with a group of Woodpigeons. Not wanting to scare him I stayed and watched. He busily walked back and forth around the lawn, then hesitantly walked over to the feeder area. I took a few shots despite the shutter speed being only around 1/10th sec, and was surprised to get one sharp one. He must have stayed still for exactly that 1/10th sec! Such a peaceful evening watching this beautiful dove feeding, gradually relaxing. Eventually as dusk approached he flew off with the Woodpigeons to roost.




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