On the Fen

Nice to get behind the lens again. Visited the Fen (Redgrave and Lopham Fen) this week. Lot’s of butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies about, as well as a couple of Kestrels, I had a lovely close encounter with one. Unfortunately I only had my macro lens with me!

Here’s a slightly worn Speckled Wood butterfly. (With a friend…)

Found this female Common Darter dragonfly basking in the sun on a wooden fence-post.

I believe this is a Small Red-eyed damselfly, which is an interesting find. This species first colonised Britain in 1999 from Northwest Europe.

UPDATE: It is a Small Red-Eyed damselfly – kindly confirmed by the British Dragonfly Society.

Finally I came across this male Common Darter basking on a stick, and posing for me!

(Click on images to view bigger.)

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