Lackford Lakes

It’s been a long time since I picked up my camera, but what better way to start my photography year than with a trip to a fantastic nature reserve in the heart of Suffolk. Lackford Lakes is well know for it’s great wildlife and birdlife and for good photo opportunites too.

It was one of those blissfully sunny late winter days, a relief after all the rain, feeling almost like spring.

It was treat to witness large numbers of Snipe, those well camouflaged little birds, I spotted 8 all together, but a keener eyed visitor assured me there were 30 or more out there.

On the lake a pair of Gadwall were dabbling, on first inspection the male is a rather unimpressive grey bird, but closer up the fine and delicate patterning of his feathers is more apparent.

A Little Egret flew in for a fishing session, we are so used to seeing this graceful little heron that it’s hard to believe it only appeared in the country in good numbers in the late 1980’s.

The woodland was alive with small birds, a hive of activity in the peace of the afternoon. A posing Great tit was joined by a rather well fed Grey Squirrel.

Clearly, it was my lucky day, because a gorgeous Nuthatch arrived. Agile and exotic looking, these woodland specialists are often extremely territorial.

Final bird of the day was a lovely Treecreeper, a bird I’ve seen often but rarely been able to get a photo of. Another woodland specialist, with a curved bill for extracting insects from tree bark and excellent camouflage.

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