…Not a weed?


First you have to define what a weed is – my mother always told me a weed was just a plant in the wrong place. So here’s a pretty little plant, with interesting pink flowers and delicate grey green foliage, considered by many a weed, but well worth a place in my herbaceous border. This is Common Fumitory, an arable weed that produces seeds enjoyed by Turtle doves. It thrives in the light soil in my new garden so I’ve let it stay, and it’s proved itself to be an attractive garden plant. It scrambles happily through the thick fleshy leaves of the Iceplant (Sedum), contrasting form and texture. It’s unusual dip dyed flowers look like sugar sprinkles in the early morning dew, so this little weed is welcome in my garden, and has me hoping that it might attract my favourite bird next spring.



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