Sedge Warbler 1, Photographer 0

Out and about on the fen early this morning, the reed-bed was buzzing with Sedge and Reed Warblers. Spent ages trying to get some photos, but most were singing from the middle of the reeds, or the bushes. Perhaps it was a little too windy for them to be singing higher up today. I managed to get pretty close, within 6 meters, of one but unfortunately he was singing from the middle of a bush too! This is the closest I came to getting a shot.

Plenty of room for improvement there at least!

Continuing round the trail, I saw several Reed Buntings, Long-tailed and Great tits, a Sparrowhawk being pursued by a crow, and a Muntjac deer picking her way through the reeds. I heard a Cuckoo several times, and then spotted four of them (yes – four!) chasing each other across the fen, a great sight, as normally they are so hard to spot. I’ve never seen four together either! The one bringing up the rear was calling ‘cuck-cuck-oo, cuck-cuck-oo’ which sounded like he had hiccups.

Later a Kestrel soared past and landed in a hawthorn bush covered with blossom, which would have made for a great shot, had I been closer.

Heading back, I came across some young rabbits grazing and basking in the sun. I set up and didn’t have to wait too long until they hopped back out. It was difficult getting a shot with this guy’s eyes open, as he kept dozing off!

The light was getting harsh by then, so I called it a day and headed home for a cuppa.


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