Small Coppers

Had another go with these teeny butterflies on my afternoon off last week. The light was much better, if a little harsh, and the butterflies were loving the warm sunshine.


I really wanted some side on views with their wings closed, but in the sun they normally rested with wings open, only flicking them shut occasionally.

It’s a real gem of a site, with plenty of other wildlife around as well as the butterflies. So far I’ve seen Adder, Muntjac deer, Green Woodpecker, Jay, Grey Squirrel, and a couple of Buzzards too. It’s difficult not to get sidetracked!


(Click on images to view bigger…)

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to visit again sometime soon. Next time I’ll remember my reflector if the light’s harsh again, it really helps to throw some light back into the shadows and reduce the contrast.


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