This Weekend

I’ve not had very much chance to get out with the camera of late, and this weekend wasn’t much better either! With the dull weather I decided to do some work in the garden, and as I was sowing some seeds all the Woodpigeons in the hedgerow scattered, and the small birds dived for cover. A Sparrowhawk twisted through the air after the birds and I smiled to myself – it’s always a treat to get a glimpse of a top predator. To my surprise, the next time I glanced up, she (I think?) was perched on the garage roof! I quietly grabbed the camera, and carefully went outside.


Then, to my delight, she flew straight towards me, swooping above my head as I stood by the back door. Tentatively I looked up around the gutter, and there she was perched on the roof! I thought she’d probably fly off when she noticed me, so I carefully framed up and took a couple of photos, but she didn’t care about me at all, barely glancing down. To her I was totally insignificant.


She surveyed her territory for a while, and then quietly dived from the roof and soared away over the village, a chorus of alarm calls following her.

Not bad for a dull and damp day!



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  1. Dawn, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at your blog. The stories you tell of your time in Norfolk yearn me to return. I live in the East Midlands and manage to get to Norfolk at least once a year but not often enough. Norfolk is one of those places that draws you back and I love it especially for its opportunities for photographing the wildlife that thrives there. Wildlife had a special place in my heart and I truely believe that if everyone were to be aware of the difficulties it faces and the changes that can be made to reverse these threats we can succeed and make the world a better place.

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