Off to the Fen this morning, after all, how could I resist after last time! Unfortunately I didn’t see the Bittern today, he was probably tucked up in the reeds somewhere given that the temperature was -13 degrees. The Fen was really quiet and still, the only bird singing was a lone Reed bunting.

The ponies were standing in the sun, so I paused for a few shots of them.

Braving the cold, I went for a long walk in the hopes of seeing some wildlife, and eventually I came across a small group of Redwing. I nearly walked past them as they were foraging for food in the leaf litter where the snow had melted, and I didn’t really notice them until they moved. On the way there I flushed two Woodcock, a first for me.

Initially the Redwing were wary, but soon became used to me sitting there and came closer. I was quite surprised as they are normally quite shy birds. I was even more surprised when one of them came too close for me to focus on!

It was difficult to get a clear view of them as they were foraging in amongst the brambles and leaves.

Occasionally they would have a bit of a scrap over the best feeding area, leaping up into the air with each other. They were too close for any photos of this, but I did managed to get a shot of one of the birds in an aggressive pose, with wings spread.

It was so peaceful, I didn’t realise that I’d spent so long watching them. I was soaking wet from lying in the snow and of course freezing cold. I sat for a while in the sun on a tree root, and I suddenly realised why I do this. The early starts, the cold, the hours of trying but failing to photograph wildlife, all seem worth it for moments like this. Sitting in the warm sun with a full memory card and a few reasonable shots, watching a Grey Squirrel bounce through the snow, hearing nothing but Woodpeckers drumming and birds singing, and 5 Redwing happy to forage in front of you. Bliss!


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