Close encounters

A dull and dreary start to the day at the Fen, with a heavy blanket of low cloud and mist. Nothing doing with the Sedge and Reed warblers, they were keeping low down in the reedbed, but still singing. Spotted the Little Grebe on his regular pool, shame there’s nowhere to get a clear view here.

Continued into the woodland, following the deer tracks in the mud, hoping they lead somewhere. I noticed a dark shape in one of the fields, a Muntjac laying down in a nettle patch. I crept closer and took a few shots, but he was too distant and I didn’t want to disturb him. I decided to wait around for a while. Glimpsed a Fox in the same field and squeaked a few times to try and draw him nearer, he ignored me and disappeared. The Muntjac stood up, stretched and had a scratch. He came a little closer and was relaxed enough not to run when he heard the shutter noise.

He browsed for a while, and then slowly began to move away. The conditions weren’t brilliant for photography as you can see, but it was nice to watch him. I turned back, but felt something watching me. There on the path, the Fox. Just standing there, staring at me. Glowing fiery orange in the rich green grass on the path, shining in the gloomy wood, gazing at me. Burning his image into my minds eye – I can still see him now. Please stay there, I wished and turned the camera towards him. Nearly in my viewfinder, but it was one move too much, and he turned and bounded away. Maybe next time?

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  1. Great shot – I’ve been following your posts, you really are an early bird.
    Last time we went to the fen we heard a sound like someone dropping a wooden ball on a table and letting it bounce. I guess it was a bird as it followed us through the wood. Any idea what it might have been?

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