Cuckoo City

Decided to head back to the Fen on Wednesday evening as it was so lovely. This little rabbit posed nicely, but I could only stand to photograph him for so long as I was being eaten alive by mozzies.

Whilst there I noticed an odd looking bird, like a small hawk. Looking through the viewfinder, it was of course a Cuckoo, feeding on the ground. I’ve never seen one perched on the ground like that. Then the calling started, several Cuckoos were singing at once. Another swooped in, sending the first up onto a post. They chased each other for a while and flew off, but yet another bird flew in and landed in an oak tree. Cuckoos like to eat caterpillars, and the oaks are full of them at the moment – I know because I’ve had several drop on me! It was great to watch them, there must have been about four or five Cuckoos altogether. Very wary and skittish birds, so no photos I’m afraid!

Continuing my walk, I rounded the corner to find the ponies grazing on the path. They crushed the water mint as they grazed, scenting the air with sweet minty freshness mixed with warm pony. After negotiating my way through the herd, I thought I saw a small deer so set the tripod up. As I looked through the viewfinder, the small russet creature turned it’s head. A pointy noise and pricked ears – a fox!

She hadn’t noticed me and was busy eating something, with a pair of carrion crows in attendance. She finished her meal and I tracked her movement through the grass. She settled down to rest in a clump of dense vegetation. She was a bit distant but it was fantastic to watch a wild rural Fox so relaxed. Definitely a different individual to the one I saw in the morning, she has a much paler coat colour.

Yesterday we were in Surrey for a photo day at the British Wildlife Centre, so check back soon for a full update….

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